• Cover of beans container

Suitable for Siemenes coffee machines:

·         EQ.5 TE503N01DE „Macchiato“

·         EQ.5 TE506M09DE „MacchiatoPlus“

·         EQ.5 TE506S09DE „StudioLine“

·         EQ.5 TE525F19DE papildoma klasė

·         EQ.5 TE501501DE

·         EQ.5 TE501503DE

·         EQ.5 TE501505DE

·         EQ.5 TE502506DE

·         EQ.5 TE503501DE „Macchiato“

·         EQ.5 TE503509DE „Macchiato“

·         EQ.5 TE503511DE „Macchiato“

·         EQ.5 TE503521DE „Macchiato“

·         EQ.5 TE506501DE „MacchiatoPlus“

·         EQ.5 TE506509DE „MacchiatoPlus“

·         EQ.5 TE506519DE „BlackSteel“

·         EQ.5 TE509501DE SteelEdition

·         EQ.5 TE515501DE „MacchiatoPlus“

·         EQ.5 TE515509DE „MacchiatoPlus“

·         EQ.6 TE657M03DE plius s700

·         EQ.6 TE603501DE 300 serija

·         EQ.6 TE604509DE 400 serija

·         EQ.6 TE605509DE 500 serija

·         EQ.6 TE607503DE serija 700

·         EQ.6 TE613501DE 300 serija

·         EQ.6 TE615509DE 500 serija

·         EQ.6 TE617503DE 700 serija

·         EQ.6 TE651509DE Plus S100

·         EQ.6 TE655503DE S500

·         EQ.6 TE655509DE S500

·         EQ.6 TE657509DE Plus S700

·         EQ.6 TE658509DE visiškai automatinis kavos aparatas

·         „EQ.7 TE717509DE Plus“ „AromaSense Z“ serija

·         EQ.7 TK76F09 Papildoma klasė

·         EQ.7 TK73001 L serija

·         EQ.7 TK73005 leidimas 08

·         EQ.7 TK73501 L serija

·         EQ.7 TK76001 I serija

·         EQ.7 TK76009 Z-Series

·         EQ.7 TK76011 leidimas 09

·         EQ.7 TK76501 I-serija

·         EQ.7 TK76509 Z-Series

·         EQ.8 TE803509DE 300 serija

·         EQ.8 TE806501DE 600 serija

·         EQ.8 TE809501DE 900 serija

·         EQ.8 TE809511DE serija 900 „ExtraKlasse“

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Cover of beans container

  • Brands Siemens
  • Product Code: 646968N
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  • 6.05€

  • Ex Tax: 5.00€

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