The paid work is given 2 months. warranty period, subject to the conditions specified in this document.

    The term is not renewed, even if you inform us that the item has not been used during the warranty period.

    Warranty Terms:

1. The guarantee is limited to those parts that have been repaired.

2. The warranty does not cover electronic equipment, breakdowns, cracks, effects of moisture, LCD screens.

3. The Executor is not liable for possible loss of data or material / moral damage suffered in the event of failure of the items.

4. The warranty does not apply if the items were disassembled, damaged, or inappropriately operated: switched to e-mail. source not protected from voltage jumps, not grounded. Stuffed liquids, broken, stored at temperatures below +7 ° C or above + 35 ° C, or in a room with a moisture content of less than 95% in contaminated air.

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