Suitable for the following models:

CafeRomatica NICR 830

CafeRomatica NICR 831

CafeRomatica NICR 839

CafeRomatica NICR 840 Marrone

CafeRomatica NICR 841

CafeRomatica NICR 842

CafeRomatica NICR 845

CafeRomatica NICR 838

CafeRomatica NICR 848

CafeRomatica NICR 850

CafeRomatica NICR 855

CafeRomatica NICR 859

CafeRomatica NICR 877

CafeRomatica NICR 858

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Waste container

  • Brands Nivona
  • Product Code: 64706
  • Availability: 2
  • 7.26€

  • Ex Tax: 6.00€

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